Photo gallery recommendations

Photo galleries online, I have some but am looking for ones easier to code.
Could you post some of the easier ones, their links, please.

Hi capecodlilly. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

What have you used so far, and what kind of gallery are you looking for? What skills do you have?

Also please do mention whether you are looking for a stand alone gallery functionality or say you want it for some CMS like WP/Joomla or Flash.
Also kindly state whether its for say small gallery or say you plan to have multiple galleries with option for users to add / edit etc.

Thank you!
First I think I would like to learn some stand-alone galleries. Not really looking for interactive ones, though my blogs can accomplish this with ‘comments’.
I have used jAlbum, Dreamweaver, Adobe Bridge, and few other ones that you just put your pictures into and do no coding. is what I use for family galleries.

But Im interested in learning how to do more complex stuff with CSS.
I am pretty much a beginner at CSS, and realizing that we can do amazing things once I learn more about it.

Wordpress and Blogspot also fill the bill, Ive tried them, with success, but would love to extend my learning.
I dont know anything about javascript, though I have used it on a couple of my websites for fun, but not written it obviously, found fun things to do from

So I think my answer is that I would like to learn more with CSS.

If you are using either Joomla / Wordpress then there are already some very good photo gallery plugins / components already available. You could use them as a base point and then build up on that based on how you want the gallery displayed.

Hence you can take say XYZ Gallery plugin and then install it. Then you can play around with the coding of the front end display and see how to display the gallery based on your requirements.

OK, this is great news, I will be taking a Wordpress class, and sounds like there are new and better gallery plug-ins.
I will create a new blog, rather than adding to my old ones for this picture gallery experiment.

A friend has a Blogspot blog and he has nothing but full size pictures that all you have to do is scroll down and see them all, its not exactly like I want, but pretty cool. He can add a bit of text at the bottom of each picture if he wants.

But I already do that with my own websites, thats easy, but I wanted a bit more like the option to advance sort of like a slide show.

But you people here sure have given me many options, many suggestions, and lots of encouragement!
I will explore the different options as time goes on, this sure is fun. I sure enjoy this all in my retirement.
Thank you!:slight_smile:

You might want to have a look on-line for JavaScript slideshows/galleries you can download. There are plenty available. I like Highslide JS, which is very flexible and configurable - and if you’re not using it on a commercial site, then it’s free to use, too. :slight_smile:

This looks great, I will add it to my upcoming Wordpress info folder, and when we start I will install it. Works on a Mac too I see.
Looking at the “with gallery” part, that would be perfect for me.
Thank you!

I guess its OK to show another person’s link here, but here is sort of the type of gallery I want, and this person has done it with Wordpress, here it is,

See how when you click on the pictures, the carousel comes up and you scroll sideways thru the large pictures.
I really like how that works. Though it looks a bit beyond me unless its sort of built into WP. Guess I will soon find out when class starts in January.

And now I have to find a gallery that works on my own site. So I dont have to have WP, Blogspot, jAlbum, just my own html site.
Looks like Highslide js will do the job.


Certainly will. :slight_smile: There are multiple examples of different gallery configurations on this site, all using Highslide. (Neither that site nor Highslide is anything to do with me - I’ve just found them to be useful.) You can just download the script and play about with it in a basic HTML page. You don’t need to wait for your course to start. :wink: JavaScript will just run locally in your browser, irrespective of which operating sustem you’re using, so you can play about off-line to you’re heart’s content.


Oh, thats a great site full of info.
I sure will download a few and give them a try.

I did use some from dynamic drive, such as the triple mouseover script and a couple others, they are fun.
Thank you all!

I just got this email,

Another option for me to try.
I am so glad I found your forum, Ive learned a lot just in the few days here.