Website in wordpress


Im new to wordpress…i have some doubts in working with that…

for creating a website…what are the steps to follow??
i downloaded wordpress and renamed that wordpress folder to daniel folder
i unziped and placed in the wamp server…

1.for a company website…for whom i should give the rights…for example admin and one more person who is going to maintain the website for that company(who is going to edit the content etc etc…)

2.while im getting into the website i see some pages like admin login,mysql details…should i give that companies details or my details…

3.should i get the domain name and hosting for that company with their details or they will do these procedures??

4.after testing my website in local server how to transfer the daniel folder to the hosting ??

thanx in advance

many people use wordpress for websites, I dont think that would be any problem.
usually companies have their own hosting and domain.

The steps are usually:
a. Upload wordpress to host
b. Edit config to match database settings
c. Install wordpress. Done.

  1. Admin would most likely the one who will handle everything on the site. Like upgrading the wordpress version, updating the plugins, maintaining the site, etc.

  2. Mysql details are only use once while setting the database. Others will only need the login info.

  3. Usually they do this on their own.

  4. Copy the files. Copy the database.

Just change the permalink first !!

Just don’t use WP, for the system is really pile’o’poop if compared with other CMS.

Well, the advantage of wordpress is it’s very quick and cheap. Ideally it would be nice to just create your own custom blog or pay a programmer to make one. It depends on how much you want to invest at this time.