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I am new in the freelance internet world and really need some help. Mainly, I am interested in how to write a good proposal ( how long should it, what to include). It’s a bit difficult to win the projects and a good proposal is the first step. I don’t have experience in freelance writing so any help and suggestion is welcomed.
Thank you

My proposal contains eight different sections:

  1. Project overview: A summary of the project as I understand it from the inquiry.
  2. Background information: What info will be or has been supplied by the client and where I’ll find the rest of the information
  3. Quoted Pages: Specific pages quoted for the project and what I intend to put on them.
  4. Deliverables: How the files will be delivered to the client as to format(s) and other inclusions.
  5. Timeline: The phases of the project and when I expect to complete it.
  6. Performance Standards: What the client can expect from me and what I expect from them
  7. Copyright: How the copyright for the project will be transferred to the client.
  8. Pricing & Payment

Thank you a lot! You have given me a concise answer, that is excatly what I needed.

You can also check this out

Hope it will help. :wink:

If I were you I would start building a portfolio of websites that you own to show off. Put some ads on them. You may even find that the ads are more profitable than writing for others :slight_smile:

I guess we all have our own preferences. Some like to build websites and other enjoy writing. Thank heavens we don’t all like all the same things.

I think shyflower has given a perfect answer. However I just wanted to add that it would help you immensely if you create a portfolio of your work and keep it handy so that you can easily send to any potential client to check out. :slight_smile:

You may also consider topics about freelance writing jobs listed in google serps. Try search and hit those buttons.

Here just go through some sample of proposals

Hope they are helpful o you.

I am into content writing, how should i go about it. I want to make it a part time business.

You may want to include number of revisions and how to cancel a contract to protect everyone involved.

The first and most obvious thing to do is to read the advice offered by your funding agency. In the case of EPSRC, the primary funding body for computing science research, there is a “Guide to EPSRC Research Grants”. We make no attempt to duplicate the material in the EPSRC guide or any other; you must get yourself a copy and follow the guidance closely.

The most substantial part of any grant application is some form of “Case for Support”. It is this case which will persuade, or fail to persuade, your funding body of the value of your proposal. Proposals range very widely indeed in their quality. You can improve your chances enormously simply by ruthlessly writing and rewriting. This document is entirely about improving your case for support.

There are two vital facts to bear in mind:

* Your case for support will, with luck, be read by one or two experts in your field. But the programme manager, and most members of the panel that judges your proposal against others, won't be expert. You must, must, must write your proposal for their benefit too.

* Remember that programme managers and panel members see tens or hundreds of cases for support, so you have one minute or less to grab your reader's attention.

My friend as you said that you are new in the freelance internet world so i can make you familier with some of the important facts about freelancing. I order to inprove your writing you first need to know what is the demand of companies regarding the appointment of freelance writers. This information you can gather from any of the freelance sites.

Since he originally posted this in April 2009, I wouldn’t really consider him new any more. And I also believe that first improvement with writing goes in learning how to spell properly.

Linda, point taken.

Well… I think, who offers help to others should be increased to take care of this. Otherwise… the blind will lead the sightless.

But I may be wrong.:wink:



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In my opinion, some people just want to post anything, any where to ramp up their post count. Same as spamming.

Hi Mimi,
Maybe you are a dab hand at proposal writing by now? I was going to suggest adding images to your proposal documents - especially useful if you can include screen-grabs etc of your work.

Once upon a time, I would have thought adding images dumbing down, but, with so much pictorial stimulation around us, I now believe that even proposal documents can benefit from imagery.

Good luck with them all!

Did you notice htat Mimi had 2 posts and the last one was April 15 of 2009? I doubt if she’ll be stopping by to read your golden advice.

Agreed. If you feel so compelled, please start a fresh thread.