Web site meta keywords

Now these day seo is to much complicated i listen a new news about seo. New SEO says don’t use meta keywords that’s right ?

what do you think ?

Yes, seems like the keyword meta element is pretty much a waste of time these days, thanks to people abusing it. :rolleyes:

I don’t use it any more.

And how do you get to the 1st site of Google if you don’t use meta tags?

The same way that you always did… having the best content and lots of links from reputable sites.

Website Meta Keywords has a significant role, although to some extent Google capture the descriptions/ tags from the Open Source Directory to highlight or matched the user search query. However, still it is recommended to have relevant & specific keywords as Meta Keywords in your website. Because many a time it is difficult to merge all the keywords in the meta description as it leads to keyword stuffing which is completely unacceptable.
So, a proper and optimum use of the keywords is highly recommended for your website.

After penguin and panda updates usage of meta kws completely waste of time, instead write good title and description , also unique quality contents in pages with proper usage of h1, h2 tags. optionally you can use OG(Open Graph) tags for social media sharing.

Google is keeping updating algorithms so meta keyword is not very important for your website. You can write a good title and description for your website. You should write quality content for your home page and inner pages as well as so it will help in google search engine.

Using meta title alone is enough to be listed on SERP. Google use web pages content as meta Description. Keep some keyword rich content in starting lines of your content.

Meta Keywords always been a part of SEO. It help to make your website friendly to search engine. Using of proper keywords in the meta elements is a vital part of ON- page implementation, that help the search engine to keep indexing your site with reference to user matched search query.
Meta keywords cannot be ignored from any aspects.

Really? Even though Google stated over four years ago that they do not use the keywords meta tag in site ranking?

And it’s not in the list of meta tags which Google says it understands and uses.

Google still looks at your metas. How much authority they carry today is probably very little. Tommorrow maybe different. If you use them wisely they cannot hurt you. Google does use your meta description if it likes it. Google uses my meta description in the SERPS right now. I believe meta keyword helps google further narrow down what your site pertains to. I believe they currently carry near zero authority for keyword ranking.

Yes - those listed in the second link I posted above. The question is specifically about the importance of the keyword meta tag, which Google has explicitly stated they do not use. Other search engines may make use of it, but because of years of abuse by webmasters, it now carries little or no weight anywhere.

I do not believe that is the full list of metas google understands. How could it be. Author is not even in there.

Fair enough, but as I said,Google have specifically stated that they do not take the keyword meta tag into consideration.

As far back as 2007, that particular meta tag was known to be pretty well worthless, so I’m surprised anybody still bothers with it.


Most probably 99% of the members on here agree on the fact that defining meta keywords is a waste of time.

That might be true if Google is the only search engine that exists on earlth. However, there are still search engines who can read and consider meta tags.

Defining meta tags is not a waste of time. Do it properly and don’t abuse it. Defining meta tags is always a good practice for many not popular search engines. There is no reason for you to leave it out. Fill up all the meta fields that you can according to your website.

All the Best!

Sources: My Knowldge from being a CEO of an Internet Marketing Company.

Huh? Are you saying Google isn’t the only search engine? :eek2:

Indeed, SEO these days is very Google-focused. But it would interesting to see some current stats on

  1. how much the other search engines are actually used, and
  2. whether their creators have said anything about meta keywords.

It seems that if Google has judged meta keywords to be virtually useless (because they lie) then it makes sense that other engines would follow suit. Or if not, it might explain why Google seems to give better search results than the other engines. (I’ve tried a few, but I don’t find them as good as Google.)

Nobody’s disagreeing with that, but the original question was specifically about the keyword meta tag. By all means optimise the meta description and other tags which may do you some good and repay the time you spend on them. However, there is still an obsession in some sections of the SEO industry with meta keywords, and people are wasting their time concentrating solely on those when they could be doing something more useful. Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines also advise paying attention to tags such as title and description, but don’t mention the keyword meta tag, which suggests they still don’t use it. They do advise ensuring your content is keyword rich, but that’s another issue. :slight_smile:

I love optimizing the meta tags. I think the process still works. The problem is what optimizers fill in on those fields. I mean, you cannot be over optimizing by using tons of keys per page/posts to the point that they are already irrelevant to the page/post itself. I usually just fill in the best description i can come up with - with the main keys in it, and best keywords that are truly related to the page or post.

No, you don’t have to skip this but also insert your keywords in title and in description as well, as google considers the title and the description more then meta keywords!

Now these day seo is to much complicated i listen a new news about seo. New SEO says don’t use meta keywords that’s right ?

what do you think ?

Google does not take meta tags in account in terms of ranking. It does not mean that other search engines will also ignore those tags. Also, Google never said they will penalize or slap your site if you use meta tags. Use it if you want. If you don’t want to use it, don’t use.