About the SEO of my website

I am seo and working on a website.
i know that google say keywords don’t matter now and does not play even
a single role in the google page rank, but i have seen that many
website still using meta keywords. Can anyone clear me on this… Should i
consider the meta keywords or not ??

Why not listen to Google?

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This is a Google post from 2009:

Adding the meta keywords tag to your site does no harm, as far as I’m aware, but it also does no good, so why would you waste your time on it?


An awful lot of SEO “experts” are living in the past and using out-dated methods.


The cynic in me says it’s because they’re just trying to find things they can charge unsuspecting clients for…

Either that, or they really don’t know what they’re doing.


I think you should using meta keywords. I’m seoing for my website but i still use it

Can you provide a good reason for that, rather than just opinion?

We have Google’s statement that they don’t use the keywords meta tag, so I’d be interested to hear what reason you have for advocating its use.

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