How do you think the key word meta tag as the current?

Have a friend ask me . Meta tag key words that are not valid for seo ? He’s had a website with keyword
I answered . I’m trying to remove it from the website because it makes me suspicious website as spam .
You think about how meta keyword ?

I think Meta Tags still Important for any website …But it should be relevant to your site and related with content of the page.

I have edited your post and removed the link and the comment since it is not necessary or relevant for this debate.

It is true that keywords are irrlevant for most (if not all) search enignes. Still, they provide data about the page itself and they can be handy. Adding them makes no harm and, if for any reason, search engines decide to use them again, you’ll have them there.

Google have been clearly stating for over five years that they do not use the keywords meta tag in rating sites.

They also state elsewhere that there is no harm in including tags which Google doesn’t use; their bot will simply ignore those tags.

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If the bots don’t read them, they will neither help or harm SEO. I wouldn’t waste time with meta keywords.

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And just to be clear to newcomers to SEO - the discussion is regarding the keyword meta tag which is a different thing from including keywords and carefully crafted copy in title tags or page copy, which, when done correctly and tastefully, can be of help in SEO efforts.

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I have a site search script within my web sites that uses that tag to get the terms to search against. If you actually use it yourself then it doesn’t matter that external search engines ignore it.

Yes, there is no harm in having them, if you do have a good use for them. But in terms of SEO I believe they have been quite redundant for some time.

Still Meta Description are working for better ranking in Search Engine…

Hello, Everyone

Meta Description is help to increase website ranking?

Before we go any further off-topic, please remember that @MariaBaoYen is asking only about the relevance and usefulness of the keywords meta tag. Please keep the discussion to that issue.

Thank you.

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