Web server architecture

I need a book about the implementation and architecture of a web server. The book teaches how to implement a web server strategy. For example, how to prepare a backup copy, what architecture to use to protect the web server, and what a web server needs in general.
I’m sorry if my question is odd.

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What do you want to do? Set up an own computer? Use a VPS server? One web server or many web servers? One site or many sites? Which language or CMS?

Actually your info is a bit vague so the answer is a bit vague.

If you use a VPS server, the VPS vendor takes care of the basics of firewalls and backups. Using Cloudflare in front as proxy takes care of many other things.

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Thank you so much for your reply.
I want to launch a web server that hosting a web site where sellers put their products for sale. I want to know which strategies are needed? For example, a backup of the web server, a backup of the database, firewall, proxy server and etc.

First you have to chose between simpler or harder. Days or months.

Option 1. Use a regular web hosting (Use Google to find). It is like a hotel. The owner takes care of everything (normally). You just check in and install WordPress or any other allowed software, add a theme and you are up and running in a shortest time possible. And if you need any help, most web hosting companies have good support.

Option 2. If you for some reason must run your own web server, I recommend a VPS server (this micro tutorial shows what you have to deal with). But there are lots of things to set up and fix. You have to learn many things before you can launch your site. DNS, cache, IP, ports etc. You have no or minimal support.

I have done both ways and there are pros and cons with each option.

If you have such questions, you have absolutely no experience. So you can try to make your project using some website builder, like the same WordPress that was advised above. But you must understand that this is still not your personal site. Or you need to study books or online resources, and then you can write your website. But this will take much more time.

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