WEB SEO and potential hazards

Bonjour from cloudy overcast Wetherby UK :slight_smile:

Ok so I want to know where a site ranks for multiple search terms without doing it manually.

I have haerd on the grapevine that if you use WEB CEO to get this data google can punish the site being researched by blacklisting it.

True or false?


Logically speaking, if Google were to penalise a user for using WEB CEO on their site, then that same user could penalise all of his/her competitors by using it on theirs.

Brill thanks now ive got another web ceo que…

Why am i getting alot of dashes ie “-” for search results. Ive updated it and I can see that the dashes corrresspond to keypharses that do rank in some cases when i check them manually they come first but it scores them a dash :frowning: