Web Forms with conditional logic

I would like to create a form to be hosted on my website. Basically, it’s a risk assessment form with a checklist such that if you make a selection, based on your choice, the form will display additional fields, or go to the next item. I also want the form to do the following:

Score the actions on a scale of 0-100% based on responses
When the answer is Yes, go to the next item, if it’s No, display a text field with a check box per line of text
Update the score when outstanding items collected in the additional checkboxes are are fulfilled
Send reminders based on outstanding items
Allow form respondents to come back and update the form until they score a 100%

I am not sure paid form plugins on Wordpress like Gravity will fulfill this. So I am hoping I can find advice here on how to design the forms myself. I want to host the forms on my website:

You will probably need some javascript to do this:-

Thanks. I will look at it now. Not versed in js though.

Any kind of form will require some scripting. Usually server-side for processing and validation. But for more interactive changes without any page refresh you will need js.
It can be done to an extent with only css using the “checkbox hack”, but something more complex may be better with js.

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