Generate Form with Dropwdown

Hi all.

What I’m trying to do (but don’t really have much of an idea how) is generate a form when one out of two options in a dropdown is selected.

Let’s say I have a form with one field - a dropdown - with 2 options. When option A is selected a form will appear below and when option B is selected a different form will appear below.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on this?


If you don’t want to code this yourself, you could head over to a site like Wufoo, which generates the code you need for something like this. (It’s not free, though.)

Here is one way using label and input alone. But your talking about using option and select I gather. That I have not done and therefore don’t know how. I would guess that would not be possible with CSS alone. A more conventional drop down would be doable though I’m sure. But with click functionality like above would be tricky. Almost anything these days can be down though. If you don’t like the above option I’m sure someone could show you a click type drop down with CSS only.

Thanks for those replies guys.

@ralph - a non payment option would suit better but I’ll give that a look anyway, thanks

@picnic - thanks for that but I think it needs to be a bit different than that, we are using a similar accordion menu on a different page of the site but not on any forms

I have a friend that is a back-end developer so will give him a shout and see if he knows of anything.

Quick google brings up this. Searching “jquery drop down form” brings up a few options it seems. Basically just put jquery in front of any search and you get lots of options.

I did have a look earlier but couldn’t find a whole lot, then got swamped with some other work.

I am using Gravity Forms on a Wordpress site I partially built and the function of Gravity Forms is pretty much what I need, but on a smaller scale.