Web design - deciding on a new colour palette

Hi everybody,

I’m not sure if this is the best place to ask this question, but from a design perspective, what’s the color palette that you prefer?





We’re testing different shades of green and alternative secondary colours.

Feel free to comment as well the header image, I think that we would still need to work on that.


I don’t see any colour palettes, just a page that says Loading your experience…

that’s strange… I opened all of them in incognito and it worked for me. Could you try again please?

They do load - eventually. At least, I tried to open all the links and two of them have finally loaded. The other two seem to be stuck at 33% loaded and 50% loaded. The images are very large, and I’m finding it hard to compare them, but if the other two ever open, I’ll try to provide some feedback.

Sorry for this, guys. It takes me 2 seconds to open the images, maybe it’s because I’m in the office now and we have fast broadband here? No idea really… Thanks for the effort anyway!

If you have visited those pages before, the chances are they will be cached in your computer.

Still waiting for it to load while writing this post.
Maybe think more about load times than colour schemes. :wink:

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Since the pages won’t load for me, I thought I’d see what Gtmetrix made of them.
8.5sec load time, 45.3MB, 104 requests.

OK - I’ve got them all now.

Auto Trip 7 is my favourite. 2 looks odd to me, with white text on the green background and black text on the yellow.

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Thanks for the feedback! Sorry for the loading time, I tried to upload the pictures to my initial post but it got me an error message…

There’s a limit on the file size you can upload (3MB, maybe? I can’t remember offhand.)

Also, you need to be Trust Level 1 to upload attachments. It shouldn’t take you long to get there. smile

I think I like Trip 8 the best. Trip 2 is good, but because of the brightness of the background image, I find there is not enough contract for the white test. In Trip 6, the background image is just very dark, and so not as appealing to me. The background image in Trip 7 is quite overpowering and so distracts from the content, instead of supporting it.

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Thanks for the feedback! Apart from the background image, do you think that the color palette from the AutoTrip 8 is the best one / most attractive of them all?

I think so. Especially the Book a Call button. Although there is something a little off between the teal button at the bottom and the green button at the top right. They don’t seem like the colours complement each other, but clash a little bit. If you were to make any changes, I would change the teal button colour next to the orange button. I’m just not sure to what.

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“Although there is something a little off between the teal button at the bottom and the green button at the top right” which buttons are you referring to? I don’t seem to locate them.

The two “Buy now” buttons - and now that I look at them again, they are the same colour, but the background colours next to them created the illusion of the bottom one being lighter. You could probably ignore that one comment of mine. :slight_smile:

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