Need opinion


I decided to change the image that produces the fading in the sidebar buttons when you hover over them, because I created higher buttons that needed longer images (110px high), but I have a feeling it looks worse now. I used

Could you give me your opnion and tell me which is better

The old buttons still live in

or the new in

or, still better, what would you do?


I like new one, but I would also change text color to brown (to match border color) on hover.

Hi magazoid

Do you mean the text inside the buttons?

tell me something else. if you had to change one thing in the page what would you change? Don’t tell me everything, as I know that already!

Yes, that text

Well… I’d change some colors. Top header color doesn’t match page palette, It’s red, while the rest of the page uses different shades of brown. Also, I’d change blue color of subheaders to some other shade. It looks too “default” and reminds me early web when all links had that color.

It’s dark brown…

Do you men in the central part? And keep in another shade of blue? Yes, I 'll have a go at that


Hmm… it has hex color #910000, i.e only red channel, while brown usually has some green and blue as well
So I think it’s dark red. But this is not a big deal.

well…red is the color of the my football team!

Good reason for keeping it, Anyway, I take your points and will be doing some testing tomorrow on both points.

many thanks

How about this blue, now?

Now it’s better, IMHO

Hi megazoid

I’ve done a few changes to the buttons and took out altogether the large image above the content, as it was a repetition of the main page and unnecessary.

The stars appear too big.

What do you think now? Any ideas?


I would not make buttons text bold on hover because this causes some buttons to “jump”

Do you mean that the button becomes bigger (height)?

Anothe thing (there is always another thing…): could you help alter a javascript?

Yes, and that causes whole column to jump up/down

What help do you need?

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