Web Design by Macromedia Dreamweaver

Web Designing is the most demanding job in internet.You can use Joomla,html code or Macromedia Dreamweaver to design your webpage.But Macromedia Dreamweaver is more easy and comfortable.
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No it’s not.

No you can’t.

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Anything else before you leave?

O, just one more thing: Macromedia ceased to exist some seven years ago … which is about half a century in web dog years. :slight_smile:

note: to be said in a Columbo’esque voice :smiley:

Both are used for different purposes and can be used for different requirement.

:smiley: This post made me laugh!
I do wonder though… what is the most demanding job on the internet?

Online PR manager for the Lincolnshire town of S c u n thorpe…

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Which happens, curiously, to be only 1,5 hours drive from Wetwang in Yorkshire.

The most difficult thing in Web Design goes like this:

The Boss doesn’t understand the Designer -> The Designer doesn’t understand the Programmer -> the Programmer doesn’t understand what the Database Guru is explaining how it could be done better -> the Copy Writer doesn’t understand why they can’t write the way they need to because the database guru told them couldn’t -> The Project Manager barely understands the Programming Team but thinks they understand the Designer -> The Account Manager barely understands the Project Manager -> The client thinks they understand what the Account Manager is telling them, they wait, get the Web project delivered, and find out it wasn’t at all​ what they wanted so they call the Boss -> The Boss pleads for better communication… and it goes on and on :wink:

:slight_smile: Ah, you mean this:

I am just at the beginning in web designing, I can make simple webpages with a soft called web maker pro; however, I tried with Dreamweaver too; but it seams difficult. I have a great problem on making dynamic web site. Can you share me ur CDs or any suggestions to learn better.

Yes that sums the idea up nicely :slight_smile:


Making websites is not easy and know one should think that their is a ‘magic bullet’ to get great things. Just like learning anything you have to get engaged with learning material. Read many great books published on the subject, sign-up for courses online or at a local community college. Spend time in the CSS, Web, PHP, Database and Graphic Design forums and learn from the questions that are asked and their responses. Ask you own questions based of trying. Don’t over complicate things focus on one thing at a time.

Remember often time programmers work on the back-end of applications, sometimes there are even specialists in Databases, Then there are the front-end developers that sometimes are also graphic designers or sometime they work closely with a Graphic Designer, they also have to work with the programmers too. To become all these things takes time and much education, but if you love it then it is worth it!


As ServerStorm said, there’s no quick easy way to learn full web development, I always recommend new starters not to get too involved with software like DreamWeaver, Photoshop, Eclipse and other tools. Start with a notepad document, write some HTML markup, then style it with a bit of CSS - preview it in your browser and experience that wonderful feeling when you get your first DIVs to float seemlessly in your layout! :slight_smile:

Me too.

Designing/building a website for a committee, all of whom live within two miles of you, and leap out with suggestions/changes/updates/bright ideas (which they’ve not cleared with the other committee members) every time you venture out of the house… :x

Laughing at the people responding to the obvious copypasta spambot… and the mods didn’t delete/ban this why exactly?

Obvious spam is obvious :smiley:

Macromedia? You for real? I’ve not heard that word for at least 3 years. Oh the college years :slight_smile:

Because the replies were funny enough to stand on their own.:slight_smile:

I think everyone (almost everyone) knew this was spam and all answers were tongue in cheek.

I’ll close the thread anyway to avoid any confusion.