Web content & webdesign

What is the Actual Definition of web content and web design? How can I learn about this two topics properly?

That’s not a very clear question. Perhaps say a bit more about what you really want to know. Have you searched online for these topics? A lot has been written on them. :slight_smile:

Considering you were bright enough to post this question in the Content area of SitePoint, you should also be bright enough to do a search and begin learning from what others here have previously posted. Generic questions, such as this serve no useful purpose except to continual reiterate what has already been posted in other threads. Do a search and if you have specific questions that haven’t been answered in an ongoing discussion do ask them. But before you continue to post, be sure to read the SitePoint community guidelines in our FAQs as well as forum announcements and guidelines highlighted by Announcement or Important in the forums that you want to use.