How to write content for websites?

Dear friends,

          We have made a new web design websites and we need to write content for this. Please help us how to write content. How many words should be per page?

         We are waiting for your reply..


Welcome to SitePoint.

Unfortunately, your question is too generic to merit its own thread. This area of SitePoint (Web Content, Photography, and Social Media) is full of discussions on what quality content is and how it benefits your website. Take the time to do a search and read up on it.

Being new here, you might want to start by reading the announcement at the top of this forum and the !IMPORTANTcommunity guidelines at the top of each forum so you know what is appropriate here and what is not. Then if you have a specific question, either ask it in the relevant discussion or post it in a new thread if there is no open thread already discussing your question.

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