Ways to increase website traffic

Thanks for your help. Those links you suggested really did help. In terms of the books I will find something. :slight_smile:

Hi Sega,

You have got lot of options to choose among these replies, I believe SEO & Social Media (SMO) are the best way to drive traffic to your Website.

Content Optimization : Create content of your Website, which you think is helpful for your customers. Describe your products and service, add appropriate images or videos.
Meta Tags : Create Title & Meta Description, describing what about the page is. Keep it Short & Simple.
Heading Tags : Apply appropriate hierarchical struture for h1,h2 & h3 tags, to describe your page.
Image Optimization : Apply alt tags for the images.
Link Building: Start with Link Building Campaign.

Create Social Media Company Page
Invite your friends to like, follow, subscribe
Follow, Like the people, company, pages related to your niche
Ask questions, give answers

I hope these simple steps would help you to increase your Website traffic.


Thanks for your comments. I will do what you’ve specified.

Thanks ever-so-much for all the comments here. We can all agree that internet traffic is an important issue.

You must create fresh high quality content. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to write a Blog at least once per week, preferably twice weekly if you’re new to Blogging so you can build up a resource of content on your site for long term Social Sharing .


You can increase traffic on your website through various tool of digital marketing like SEO, SMM,SMO. SEO can be divided into parts on-page optimization and off-page optimization.In-page Optimization can be done by using Meta-tags, title, descriptions, Keyword search etc. and off- page optimization can be through social bookmarking, classified ads etc.
You can also use social media for marketing like facebook,twitter etc for SMM.

I thinks the better way to increase traffic on your website is to do forum posting, social media, social bookmarking and you can do research. Im doing that methods right now and it works well.

Is blog commenting can still help generating traffic for your website? and how about directories?


Please read the thread. Both those areas have been discussed.[/FONT]

by using directory submissions, social book marking, articles submissions and forum posting are the good way to increase traffic on web sites and social media technique such as Facebook,Twitter, etc also very helpful for increase traffic.

Or if you are really desperate, you can use some click ring site such as Addmefast in order to drive more traffic to your site. Of course these traffic are just for show and sooner or later you will have to find a way to get real and relevant traffic. But at least this can buy you time why you figure out what to do.

[FONT=Verdana]Final warning: Sega is looking for specific ideas which other members have tried and tested and found to be successful. He is also looking for sources of reliable information - either books or on-line. Please answer the specific questions raised in his first post, or your reply will be deleted as fluff.

And please don’t suggest black hat techniques, such as buying “traffic”.[/FONT]

Another great way to get traffic is press release distribution. Write a good press release or outsource it. Then publish to one or more distribution service or outsource. This way your site’s news spread.

Doing SEO surely increase the traffic but it needs some times. The SEO wont generate the traffic in one night but it will constantly increase the traffic of the website. Social media is another way to get more traffic. Creating pages in facebook, Google+ and posting the updates everyday will attract the people to get notified. Creating web2.0 blogs and maintain the blogs with unique content will generate the referral traffic to your site.


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I know there is a lot of work to be done, which is completely understandable. It’s about finding out the methods that DO work so we’re not wasting time on irrelavent methods. In the end it boils down to money and not wasting your customers money. If you do you’d be percieved as a scammer, and the very last thing I want to do is be labelled as such.

How can we guarantee anything in this field? or know it will work? Much of this work is speculation and we’re expecting clients to trust our speculation.

Do nothing but create a facebook page. Get likes above 10,000. You will surely have 200+ visits weeklycoming from Facebook.


Where did you get these figures from? What’s your basis for this claim? And how do you suggest Sega gets 10,000 Facebook likes? If you’re suggesting buying likes, forget it - they’re worthless.[/FONT]

There are some most common way to increase website traffic are:

  1. First of all website’s content should be unique and amount of good quality.
  2. Write Guest blog post for your own site.
  3. Write an Articles.
  4. Search Engine Submission.
  5. Being tagging image.
  6. Submit your blog to Search Engine.
  7. Link exchange with other people in your field.
  8. Start your own blog directory.
  9. Do something unique for your site.

Email marketing. Start building your lists and provide good content at least once a month, and promote something between each email blast.
Aweber is a great tool for that and you can link your blog so the email blast is done automatically.

I think it depends on the niche of site you have. For example, for money making online site, it is best to increase traffic with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or via forum marketing and guest posting. At least for me, forum posting works the best to increase traffic.

  1. Offer free, original, and quality content on your site.
  2. Supplement your original content.
    3.Trying to get more backlinks on your website this may help to increase the traffic.
    4.focusing your content on keywords related to your topic
    5.Use social media.