Watching a desktop widescreen put on the side?

I have never been a big fan of computer widescreens. Except when watching movies (that I almost never does, prefer TV’s with better quality) or when I need to watch/read two documents side by side (also almost never happens).

What i would like to do is experiment with putting a desktop widescreen on the side so that I get the widest part vertically. Why? To enjoy documents and websites full (or near) size. To minimize scrolling for example.

Since it’s quite normal now to develop sites with a with around 960px (like I often do), I guess I should need a screen resolution of about 1920x1080px. The width would then be 1080px (put on the side), 56px more than the widespread 1024x768px screens. Maybe a 22" would be more than enough so that it wont get too high.

But here is my questions:

  1. Is this possible to do, flip the screen image on the side in windows (XP Pro)?

  2. If yes, has anyone of you had or read any experiences with this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes this is possible. You just need a monitor which is rotating. You’ll be able to adjust your graphics to do this. In Windows 7, it’s built in and called Orientation. For lower versions of Windows you’ll need to rely on your graphic drivers. All of them support this, it’s just a matter of what card you have.

Thanks Ben :slight_smile:
Seem it is easier than I first thought. I think I could easily make a stand for other screens too. Will check this feature when buying a new graphic card.

I personally woulds avoid getting a monitor based on TV standards (1080), instead the 1920x1200 screens are more attuned to computer usage and usually higher quality. Of course, you do not need to have windows fully maximized all the time… o.o