Widescreen monitor distortion?

I have been trying to adjust an Acer widescreen monitor because on websites the images get stretched horizontally and make peoples’ faces look fat. Is there any way to resolve this? I notice that on my widescreen Vaio laptop, I don’t have this problem, but it seems to be because the image area is zoomed in, whereas with the Acer monitor, you get all the image, but with horizontal stretching. Thank you.

Are you using the correct screen size for your monitor? If its an LCD you should be using the native screen size normally its around (1280x800, 1440x900) Of course it all depends on the actual monitor so check with the manufacture.

yes, I think I used the native resolution of 1280x 800 approx. Can’t seem to get the image not to stretch…Though I didn’t check whether there’s distortion on DVD films. On websites the image is quite noticeably stretched.

You’re not using the right resolution. That’s the only thing that would stretch the picture in one direction. You’re running a 4x3 resolution on a widescreen monitor.

My 20.1 inch monitor’s documentation says it’s best resolution is 1600 x 1200, but I cannot run it like that because it makes things WAY too small.

So, I run 1152 x 864 and it looks just fine.

So, why are all monitors WIDESCREEN these days???
Why can’t you get a square monitor anymore?

Because people want it that way. People bought more widescreens, so manufacturers started selling more widescreens. I like it. I moved my taskbar to the right hand side of the screen, where a long list of windows doesn’t overflow anymore, and still have more real-estate to the left of it than I would on a 4x3 monitor.

Looks much nicer when playing widescreen movies, too.

So, there are no square monitors anymore?
Seems like there should be a few options.

I was shopping today for a new monitor
and I didn’t see any square options.

They’re still in stores around here, and they’re certainly still available online. Why do you want a “square” one? (They were never square… they were always rectangles with a 4:3 width:height radio).

Why would I need an oblong monitor?

If you ever see any square, 24 inch monitors online please let me know cause I never see them at all.

That’s a huge screen. A 24" screen in 4:3 would be even bigger than the 24" widescreens you do see around. You’d strain your neck looking up to see the top of the windows!

Not if you set the monitor far enough away which is why I want a large monitor.
I want it far away from me to help save the 'ol eyeballs.

Besides, I don’t run windows.

I’m running a new, obscure operating system called “Doors”
It’s kinda funny, cause when you boot up it starts playing “come on baby light my fire”

A friend of mine says he doesn’t use his computer very much so he’s running a new operating system called “Covey Holes” cause he doesn’t need to see very much.

Personally I bought a 24 " wide screen to have both a monitor and a TV in one device.
Watching DVD movies on wide screen is more fun and playing new games as well.

I forgot all about the “Fun Factor”…
Oh boy!!!

you are not using the resolution that was capable for your monitor.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to the monitor just now (it’s in a friend’s house). It is an Acer X193 W. In fact I think I did try different resolutions and still got the stretched images…

That monitor should be run at 1440x900. If you ran it at 1280x800 you shouldn’t have seen any stretching, just blurriness perhaps from running at smaller than the physical resolution. They’re both 16:10 aspect ratios.

Unless you like very small, 1440x900 works best on a 24in widescreen monitor.

His monitor should be run at 1440x900 because that’s the physical resolution of the monitor. There are 900 rows of 1440 pixels in the physical grid etched on the glass. That is the only resolution that would produce perfectly clear images on that screen.

You should be running at 1920x1200, but it sounds like you like things really big, so you’re not going to get the crispness of running at native resolution. You’re using multiple (and fractional) physical pixels to display each actual pixel of image on the screen.

If you think 1440x900 is small on a 19in LCD you should try 1920x1200 on an 17in LCD.

Btw I love having that size on my laptop makes working so much nicer.

I’m not running my monitor with little bitty, teeny tiny stuff on the screen.

1440x900 is crisp enough on my 24in.
It looks great!