Wanting to Make an Animated Image


I want to make parts of my top photo animated. I have a nicely detailed .jpg image to put on top of my header. This section of my site will be dedicated to dating, and I was thinking… Wouldn’t it be cool to animate the hearts in the image? Is there a way to do this besides flash or .gif file?

I attached my dating header .jpg to this thread.

I was going to suggest .gif. Is there any reason why you don’t want to do it that way?

.gif files only have a color palette of 256 colors, right?

256 colors would be sufficient I think.
You can create the JPG without the hearts and set is a background image.
Then make small heart GIF’s that you position in the appropriate places

What if I wanted to move the hearts (or an object)? If it was a standard gif, wouldn’t it only be able to stay in one place?

No, you move it to any position, frame by frame, and you set a time on each frame.

So the last question I have then is this: if a heart has to be in a square box that fits it, the white corners cannot be dealt with transparency in a .gif image, right? There would be a white square surrounding the heart?

Transparency is fine in a gif, so I would think this should work fine. Just make the heart image a gif too.

Your help is AmAzInG!!!

Now that I think of it, I’ve only done a few animated gifs in Ps, but each time, I used a full image with some small modification in each frame. That it, I made up a number of versions of each image and placed them in as frames. I don’t know if that’s the best was to do it (perhaps it makes the file size larger than necessary). Anyhow, when making up the images, the heart could probably even be a png (which may give better transparency results) and then at the last moment turn the whole thing into a gif.