W-9 when should i ask for it?

Hey guys,
I have a quick question. I am making an app that involves me crowdsourcing in order to sell a few items. as an example for every person they sign up they make a dollar and for every place they sign up they make 50 dollars. Should i ask them to fill out a W-9 as soon as they register for my app, or should i wait till they make 599 and then ask for it? I was also wondering I can make them fill a w-9 through an app without any problems correct?

Thanks so much for your input

I’ve never heard of a W-9, so I’m guessing it’s something specific to your country. Where are you based?

California, it verifies that you are a citizen of the united states by asking for your social security number

Personally I would do it up front, unless you expect the vast majority of folks to be below $600. It’s far easier to get this up front and make sure they know the IRS will be aware of the payments, than later when they can procrastinate on getting you the info.

I have no idea about doing it thru an app, but I suspect yes since to my knowledge the W9 is just between the contractor and employer, and never goes to the IRS (i.e. you could do it on a napkin if you want).

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