Filling out a W-9

Now that my school is expanding I have more clients asking if I can send them a w9. It asks for an EIN.
Where do I find or get an EIN?
Can I look it up with my tax ID number?

An EIN is the same thing as a Federal Tax ID. You can also use a SSN on the W9.

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Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online

Thank you. I’ll just put the Tax ID in the boxes.

Yeah, it’s either or. If you’re just a sole proprietor, and you’re going to do a lot of business and are uncomfortable handing out your SSN all over, you can easily apply for an EIN re: @Mittineague post. If you only do them infrequently or don’t mind, SSN is fine. Either way, anything done on just a W9 personally is going to end up as part of your personal taxes.

If you have a legitimate tax-paying business in America, however, you’ll often already have an EIN.

If not, check this out to find out if you should or not:

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I sent the information over to my tax friend because I guess I’ve never applied for the EIN.

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