Not an American citizen: How to SSN/EIN?

Hi folks.

Just when I wanted to sign up with some CPM companies I noticed the whole SSN thing. I remember signing up with google long time ago and the SSN box diapered (something like that) when you choose another country then US.

But that is not the case, for example, at Tribalfusion. I am living in the Netherlands so how do I solve this? Do I leave it blanc or do I fill in the Dutch version of the SSN?

I prefer to fill in nothing. Don’t feel like having more money taken from by the government here, social security cost met +700 euros this year and I’m working like mad to make money for university!

So yeah, any advice or help would be great. The best would be a real Nederlander with experience regarding my situation.

Thanks for any help.


If your questioning the EIN it is a Employer Identification Number for tax/payroll purposes. US only again.

I know what SSN and EIN are =) though what to do if you are not living in the US? As you state: “US only”. What do I have to do in my case then?

you can get SSN only if you are living in US and have rights to work there, but you can get ITIN or EIN, just check for details

Leave it blank.

you might consider buying a US corporation and getting an EIN, but I don’t think that its up your alley based on your situation… costs $300-$1000 or so

Leave it blank or contact the company. Find out if they really need an SSN for you.

Thanks for the responses all. I’ll just leave it blank and if its an absolute necessity then I’ll email them.