Recommend a good webcam

Hi all,

I’m looking to conduct interviews of people we are hiring via webcam.

What webcams are the best on the market now?

Do they create videos too?



I am completely agree with addaminsane.This is the better option which you can use.

[FONT=“Georgia”]I think any webcam would work if you have decent light.

I’d say save my money and purchase a lamp or two. Be sure to use the same kind and wattage of bulbs in all the lamps so the colour balance wouldn’t be thrown.


All the webcams manufactured by the A-4 Tech Brand are excellent. To get a clear idea on their product you can search about their products over web.

have you not heard of skype? even non tech savvy people use that service so i’m guessing its gotta be the best option or one of them.

You still have to have a webcam, there’s either you just call them, or you call them & webcam with them.

Skype is just the software tool, it’s not the hardware. (unless they have their own webcam like they have their own headset)


Logitech webcams are fine. I am using A4tech webcams in my setup, they are cheap and good.