Virtual machine manager?

Hi, all.

I’m looking to setup a server application to sell hosting.
The way I’d like to do it is having my clients have a virtual machine setup for them, everything on Linux.

I need an application that I would run via shell that would allow me to manage virtual machines.
I should be able – again via shell – to manage virtual machines, manage virtual machine disk space, etc.

Do you guys know if there’s any good open source solution that would allow me to do something similar?

Any help appreciated.


What type of server?

Windows or Linux?


I’ve been looking at Virtual Machine Manager, but I don’t know how powerful it is and how it would work without a GUI

Usiing Linux, if you aren’t scared by the cocmmand line. look into KVM and the ‘virtual manager’ scripts, virsh etc will allow you to manage and create virtual machines easily. I’ve done it myself, don’t need to wrap anything around it personally cos I don’t want to automate things. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I checked out Ubuntu server and Ubuntu VM Builder, seems pretty good. Are you familiar with these tools?


I have used them before, yes, though I tend to use kvm and its tools on Redhat :slight_smile:

ah, awesome. I should buy a book on those I guess to figure out how they work?

There is plenty of documentation on the web to guide you through using and setting up virtual machines, a quick google will lead you to lots of how to’s - from there you should be able to pick up and learn what you need.

yep, thanks TimIgoe