Implementing Basic Foundation for game, voice, VPS, and possibly website hosting?

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First let me say that I know this question is pretty vague and there is no specific answer/solution. However with all the solutions available, would like a push in the right direction on solutions and methods which have actually worked for some people here.

I am looking for FOSS solutions.

  1. My current resources:
    A. 2x Colocated servers with 4 usable IPs(each with 2xQuad core Intel 64bit processors, 8GB RAM, 1x500GB Harddrive)
    B. Only have access to them via SSH and limited use of IPKVM.

  2. My Goal:

  • I want to start off doing game server and voice server hosting. After making sure my infrastructure is semi solid, I would like to jump into either VPS or Web Hosting or Both.

Below are things I’ve tried or thought about trying:

1. Virtualized System: I am pretty new to virtualization
I am interested in using virtualized solutions mainly because I only have 2 servers and would like to test out various things without affecting or breaking the production environment.

A. - XCP:
Currently installed on both servers, I liked the easy install, and the ability to log into virtual machines via a virtual console.

B. VMWare ESXi:
Tried it at first, but didn’t like how I needed a windows based program to administer it.

C. Hyper VM:
Just found out about this one and it definitely looks promising.

2. Hosting Control Panel:
A. ZpanelCP:

  • Looked promising but couldn’t find clear instructions on how to install it.

B. Klaxo:

  • Looked amazing but only supports CentOS 5 32bit. I want to use CentOS 6 64bit.

C. ISPConfig3:

  • Decided to install due to their extensive installation how to and ease of setting up. So far looks like a winner.

I am open to any and all suggestions and/or advice on what control panel, servers, os, and etc I should look into.

I’ve done Cpanel hosting years back on a dedicated server, but looking to go a different route. Just not sure where to start or what might actually work.

Game and voice servers are definitely new to me. I know it might probably be better to have my game server on 1 vm and the voice server on another. However, I do want to have an integrated system that allows me to administer clients from one client/billing manager.

Haven’t found a suitable billing solution for any of the systems I’ve mentioned above.

I wouldn’t recommend that you use a non-raid server for hosting if you are planning on selling it as a commercial service. Also, chances are the drive is a domestic quality hard drive rather than a fast server drive which would mean you’d have an i/o bottleneck for VPS if the server was heavily used.

Thanks for the reply, I didn’t know this thread had a reply which is why i didn’t reply sooner :(. I have colocation space, but now looking for an affordable server that supports hotswap drives. I believe I might go the ubuntu route over centos. It seems to be picking up a lot of traction and allows you to easily utilize Xen Cloud Platform. I am still doing my research though as I don’t want to go in the battle field with little knowledge :).

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If you are thinking of going to your own server until you transition it to a VPS or EC2, Azure… then you may want to look at Proxmox… here is an article that can give you some ideas.

You could install Proxmox as a bare-metal hypervisor then install your VM within it. You could create separate DNS, Front and Back end, Session Pooler Db, and separate Database server all running under the same proxmox. You would have to invest in RAM but it will end up being relatively cost-effective as Proxmox doesn’t cost anything. It also has several pre-configured packages that you can download and launch. This way you can think and work with a distributed design (just on one server) so when you decide to deploy it live you can look for a similar solution either on a cloud provider with server instances or on several production configured servers and environment.

Hope this helps?


Never heard of Proxmox, but it looks pretty awesome! I was planning on going a barebones ubuntu route and install Xen Cloud Platform on it but I may just try this first. Definitely looks promising. I currently have Xen hypervisor on a server running ISPconfig3 which is working pretty nicely but the web interface for Proxmox looks cool.

I am still trying to figure out what hosting solution I can use that has a compatible billing system for it. All i see though are only compatible with plesk and cpanel.

I wouldn’t get into hosting these days – pretty much zero margin nowadays. And it is a tough sell not to go with Amazon / Azure / Rackspace for custom setups or some hosted app for non-custom setups.

For the game stuff, I haven’t touched it in a while but I’d suspect you want to be running on iron rather than in a hypervisor.

Thanks for the input @wwb_99 . I believe I may just go about hosting a network of personal websites at first. Definitely agree about hosting, it is hard to compete with all the hosts that that provide low cost dedicated servers or unlimited bandwidth and what not for like $4 a month.

I was reading more into Proxmox, and although I was looking to go the Xen XCP + Openstack route… I think Proxmox may be what I am looking for to get my feet wet. I couldn’t find another similar free alternative that provided both the features and web interface.

Anyone else have experience with it? Sorry if I am making my post jump around subjects.

You surely can get into the hosting industry. You just have to find that niche market that barely anyone else has touched yet.

Proxmox works quite nicely and would recommend it. Easy to install and configure.

lol, unfortunately I finally had a chance to install proxmox and for almost a week now, haven’t been able to get it to connect to the internet. Even tried reinstalling it. I would love to use it, but haven’t found a solution that would resolve my issue.

I may either go back to Xen XCP or try out … their hypervisor is based on ovirt but I am still trying to see how stable it would be in a production environment.

Sometimes I feel like I never get anything done because there are so many alternatives to research, my OCD causes me to fear putting in too much work for one product just to find out I hate it lol.