Best open source/free control panel for Ubuntu vps

Hi guys,
I’m just about to get my hands on a ubuntu vps for a client of mine who doesn’t have plesk/cpanel installed.

I can get around a command line via the shell for basic file based commands but after that I’m still a newbie :slight_smile:

Being used to hostgator style control panels are there any good free cpanel type applications i could install via the shell to allow me to configure some stuff from the comfort of a web GUI?

Many thanks in advance.


It might not be as advanced as cPanel, but you can take a look at OpenPanel.

thanks - will check it out

you can try virtuozzo / openvz pannels.

For free I don’t think you can go wrong with Webmin still, we have a few customers who prefer to use it over cPanel (as cPanel can be quite rigid in how you do things).

Seconded Webmin, and it works very nicely under Ubuntu IMO (tested with 9.10).

Although it’s not free, some of our customers use DirectAdmin which certainly is a lot cheaper than cPanel. They seem happy, although our only real experience is with installation it (which is very easy indeed).