VIM Syntax Highlight - what's your favorite?

I’m looking for a good syntax scheme for VIM (programming PHP, CSS, javascript, HTML) that’s good on a white background. What’s your favorite?

I’ve tweaked the default syncolor.vim to something that suits me. I use gvim, so only the gui/guifg/guibg settings below really matter to me.

  SynColor Comment	term=bold cterm=NONE ctermfg=DarkBlue ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=DarkRed guibg=NONE
  SynColor Constant	term=underline cterm=NONE ctermfg=DarkRed ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=Red guibg=NONE
  SynColor Special	term=bold cterm=NONE ctermfg=DarkMagenta ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=SlateBlue guibg=NONE
  SynColor Identifier	term=underline cterm=NONE ctermfg=DarkCyan ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=DarkCyan guibg=NONE
  SynColor Statement	term=bold cterm=NONE ctermfg=Brown ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=DarkCyan guibg=NONE
  SynColor PreProc	term=underline cterm=NONE ctermfg=DarkMagenta ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=Purple guibg=NONE
  SynColor Type		term=underline cterm=NONE ctermfg=DarkGreen ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=SeaGreen guibg=NONE
  SynColor Underlined	term=underline cterm=underline ctermfg=DarkMagenta gui=underline guifg=SlateBlue
  SynColor Ignore	term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=white ctermbg=NONE gui=NONE guifg=bg guibg=NONE