HTML color lines in Notepad ++

Can I change the colors they see lines of code in notepad ++? Ask for the pages to be printed and I want more color difference between tags and attribute values​​. Now I have blue labels, attributes red, purple values ​​(too close to blue), comments in green.

If you are using the latest version (v6.2.3 atm), just go into the Style Configurator (Settings -> Style Configurator). Find the appropriate language from the left select box. The find the type you want to change - VALUE for example (though my value is set to Orange). Click on the color you want to change, then hit the Save & Close button.

I didnt know thats possible and downloadable.

Choose the language in the “Language” menu. For HTML, go to Language->H->HTML.

For more info, search online for “syntax highlighting”.

Notepad++ should automatically select the proper language if you give the file the proper extension (e.g. “.cpp” for C++).

Always try to use latest one of any of soft. So you search the latest notepad ++ … Here you can get a menu bar of color setting and can change color as your wish.

Thanks, atto…

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