Is this video hosted on Vimeo

Hi from soon to get dark and even more freezing York UK,

I am looking for an alternative to YouTube to host my videos ( I hate the ads that splash all over them!) . So my question is please, on this page - there is a video, what is it hosted on, is it vimeo? and how can you tell?


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The video on that page is hosted at Wistia ( You can tell by right clicking the video and selecting “About Wistia”.

Vimeo is a good service to host with no ads, but you’re paying for it, whereas YouTube is free. Vimeo does have a limited free plan, you could look at that yourself.

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My understanding is that ads on videos are optional. If you don’t opt for them when posting content, they won’t appear. If you are embedding videos on your site, you can also prevent other videos from being presented at the end of the video. There are other options for cleaning up the chrome of the video, too.

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Thanks everyone for insights!

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