Video tutorial with sql?

Hey everyone!

As you can see I’m new on the forum. What u can’t see I’m a IT student that is begining hes journey with sql :stuck_out_tongue:
I have been watching this forum for a while now but can’t find any sql video tutorial. Maybe becouse there were no thread about it xP
Anyways I checked the topic for some starting clues.
It comes up handy but still I would like to get a good video tutorial. Anyone can recomment smt? If its rly good I can even pay for it [u know I’m a student, cheap ******* xP ].

And ya, sure I can google it, but I think u guys know more about what’s good and what’s not then google :wink:
Just remember, a newbie tutorial!

Hi adrianpapak, welcome to the forums,

Sorry if I can’t be much help. I learned (and am still learning) how to work with databases by reading books and getting my hands dirty writing code.
PHP and MySQL at first, then brief skirmishes with other languages and other databases, which I still subject myself to at times.

I imagine there must be some video tutorials out there but I don’t know of any offhand. Anyway, I wanted to welcome you to the forums and hopefully someone that knows of any will happen along soon.

Well like a year ago when I was starting my own data base I bouhgt something like learn with video tutorials… You have to google it, don’t remember the exact adress. Was cheap, I payed 5$ for everything…

Thx for the warm welcome I rly appreciate :slight_smile: Now I feel like part of ur community, sweet ^^

Any one have some experience with it? 5$ is really cheap tho :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe some other handy tutorials? I’m a little sceptical about that 5$ tutorial… ;p

yeah, you’re right, $5 does sound a little dodgy

the one you linked is $27, though, and from the table of contents it looks comprehensive

however, there are plenty of free non-video sql tutorials out there (plenty?? hunnerts and hunnerts of them!!) and some of them are excellent

however, i haven’t looked at tutorials for years, so i cannot recommend any at this time

if you really don’t want to google, and are willing to pay a modest amount, may i suggest an e-book?

E-book? Well sure, I would like to try everything that can help me.
For sure I will do a little googling on the weekend but till then a good e-book would be fine.

The only thing that I’m afraid is that a book can be too hard for a starter :slight_smile: Thats why I requested a video tutorial but can try :slight_smile:

there’s a few sample chapters of my book that you can read for free here on sitepoint