Looking for a great phpadmin 3.5.1 tutorial

I am looking for a great phpadmin 3.5.1 tutorial for mysql database.

I am teaching myself how to use php and mysql from scratch so if you know of any good tutorials please let me know.

also it has to be phpadmin 3.5.1

Many Thanks

Try this http://www.packtpub.com/article/installing-phpmyadmin - but I can thoroughly recommend buying the (smallish) book which the article links to. I won a copy at the first ever PHP conference I went to.

Amazing what you can do with PHPMyAdmin, really.

Y’see - Packt? Giveaways at conferences can really pay off - keep it up lads!


PHPMyAdmin is basically webpages which connect to you directly to your db. You still need to fundamentally understand SQL first.

If you can afford it then the book I’d recommend is a Sitepoint book Simply SQL, nice easy to read and well written, and the author hangs around here mostly on the SQL forums.

You can learn online of course, but I remember most of the basics which I picked up from reading the documentation which was shipped with the download. I bought the book for my wife who needed to get up to speed for a project at work.

Is there anywhere else i can buy it ?- as it looks like it needs to be shipped from the states and i am in UK. i have tried Amazon and its way to expensive on there

The Sitepoint SQL book has $10 shipping charge. http://www.sitepoint.com/shipping/

Packt for the PHPMyAdmin book are based in Brum, free shipping if you buy direct AFAICT.

I wouldn’t use phpmyadmin myself. Personally I prefer a program like Navicat.

Yep, much better to use a good standalone client - much more convenient and efficient. However, some 2 or 3 years ago I tried out Navicat and it felt very awkward to use - I can’t remember in what respects… But it’s all down to personal taste.

What I use:

  1. HeidiSQL - free, convenient and fantastic!
  2. SQLyog Community - I use it for large backup/restore operations, it behaves better in this respect than HeidiSQL. There is also a paid version with more advanced features but just for learning you won’t need them.
  3. MySQL Workbench - free but has messy UI and generally not a well designed program but occasionally I use it for graphical data modelling. Still looking for a free or cheap data modelling software since Workbench can drive me crazy with it’s quirks and never-ending bugs…

I mainly use phpmyadmin only for benchmarking queries. Because it runs directly on the server it is able to report a very accurate time spent on running a query - down to 0.0001 seconds. A remote client program will always have skewed results because of the added network latency.