If youve had difficulty with somthing and u feel like somone else could benefit from it

Hello i was just having alot of trouble with JOINS apart which is apart of one of my projects i figured it out i was stuck on it for quite awhile is there a place where we can Post answers to help other people? in case they get the same problems
Also im at the beginner level of MS-SQL

To questions unasked? Your blog would be a good place.

To problems posted here? Your assistance in helping others would be welcome.

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Okay thanks Mittineague
Hopefully i may come across something that i could help with.

Visit the Database category often and I’m sure you’ll find lots of opportunity to help others.

will do also ive set it to tracked so i know when someone posts there and if i can help i will.


Granted, I wouldn’t necessarily mind if you posted your question about joins and post the solution you eventually determined. Then ask if anyone else had a better solution or if the way you solved it was the best option.

That seems like it could generate some discussion.

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I was here and I agreed with the bird (:p) said

I moved a post to a new topic: Is there a better solution using Joins to this problem?

FYI, I moved it to its own topic in the Database category, as it will get a lot more notice there :smile:

Thanks for sharing it!

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No worries and thanks for moving it :slight_smile:

You don’t worry that a bird has moved your topic? :open_mouth:

Although I guess a bird is better than a cherry…

Ok. From now onwards I’ll stay on topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Doubt it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha :stuck_out_tongue:

How could you doubt me? I’m hurt now… Not, not really :stuck_out_tongue:

And from now onwards. I’ll stay on topic. I’ll prove it. How are you databases going? :stuck_out_tongue:

Its going horrible not attached to a website yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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By all means, I really like sitepoint.com but the best put solutions is at

Of course, you can always posted on both places but 99.99% relies on stackoverflow for bug fixes.

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Thanks @sg707
When ive goggled random stuff ( related to web dev / mobile dev ) orr i guess just anything in general things from stack overflow have come up.

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