Video player suggestions please

If you know of any player that can accomplish the following in iOS and android, please advise:

  • html5 compatible
  • playlist (must play from a playlist)
  • customize (ability to customize playlist and player)
  • youtube (must be able to play youtube vids)
  • start, duration parameters (ability to pass start time and duration)
  • play vids from cloud like Amazon s3
  • bonus play vids from Vimeo

Thanks -

AFAIK, you still have to take a player and add more JS around it to code for all the scenarios you want to cover.

JW Player is a very excellent HTML 5 video player that should cover most (all?) of your needs. I’ve used this on many websites and I can honestly say that it is one of the best players on the market. They have a free version as well, you just need a license for commercial use.

I would suggest MediaElement.js as well, but I don’t think it does playlists, though it would be quite trivial to build that functionality (if someone else hasn’t already).

Someone has also kindly put together a comparison list of HTML 5 video players for your perusal :slight_smile:

Hey the comparison list was incredibly good. I appreciate the efforts made on it for sure.