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One of my client’s subsidiary has got speed issue with his website (not one of my work, ) and they asked me what was wrong. Results given by are just appalling, see below, 22 seconds before receiving the 1st byte and its sort of making 20 seconds pause regularly.

The only thing I found strange is a DNS error. Could it be this reason ?

Here is the’s result

A quick fix, move all of the JavaScript tags to the bottom of the page, just before the .

This will load the HTML and CSS first, then apply the JavaScript to the page, so that the user will have the actual page loaded quicker. The way your doing it now is loading all the JavaScript and then loading the HTML and CSS.

After I ran a test on your page, 74% of your bytes came from JavaScript, so this should help a lot.

Thanks Tobias,

As I said it is not my work so I haven’t got a clue on how the website has been done. I understand that the Javascript location is not optimal but still it should be better than 22 seconds of initial waiting time.

Yes it should be, but still the way I see it, before the website actually starts loading it has to get through the JavaScript, which is 74% of the bytes. If you change it so the actual website loads first, and then the JavaScript, you should have the actual website around 4x as fast.

It’s not the only reason it’s slow. But its a good fix, and all you need to do is move the script to the bottom of the page.


Great pickup!

It may be easier for the OP to simply use an onLoad modifier when loading the js files (collected under the onLoad() directive. That’s much like jQuery’s document.ready() statement which delays jQuery from firing before the page has loaded (which allows the variables used by jQuery to be set before called by the jQuery code).



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