How to speed up website?

Some of my users reported that our website is running very slow. It takes time to load the page and images. I have tried all the ways but I can’t find any solution till now. Is this problem on my end or user end?

Hi @ssccglexam2021 and a warm welcome to the forum.

I used the free online validator and there are 441 html errors and/or warnings on your web page! Each warning and error takes time before a guess is offered to try and render the page. This guessing takes unnecessary time.

Please try removing the following errors and warnings and notice the difference:

Also slow page rendering has been asked on this forum many, many times, please search to find previous solutions.


Welcome to the forums, @ssccglexam2021.

There is an ongoing discussion of the subject here: How I can reduce to the speed of my website? I suggest you join the discussion there and I will close this thread to avoid duplication.