Need help, starting community portal

I am looking for some advice in which direction I should head. I am experienced in HTML and CSS, Joomla and Wordpress, and have some experience in PHP.

Basically I want to create a site where users can register and maintain a profile with an avatar. A registered user can then create a team with it’s own custom profile and avatar. Other registered users can then join these teams, thus being shown on the team’s profile page. I will want some other features like a forum (integrated with the site’s database), a calendar of events, etc.

Do you think I there is existing open source software that will enable me to do this? I’m currently messing with Joomla and Community Builder but it kind of feels like a hack job. I’m currently going to school for programming and will be taking classes on PHP and SQL, so perhaps I should just start from scratch? It would at least be a great learning experience.


Yes, you can use dolphin. You can get more details at

I looked at dolphin, but I wasn’t sure. You think it will allow users to register team profiles pretty simply, and other users join those teams? Would be nice to also have different categories of teams. Thanks

Actually it allows couple profiles. But you can create a group and add more people there. Not sure this is what you are looking for.

I would need 50+ teams of 5-10 users as well as hundreds of users. Are you saying dolphin will only allow a couple of teams?

No. I meant you can use groups feature in it to add more people to it.

I thought Dolphin was great… until I started trying to use it, I’m getting all kinds of errors. I spent around 12 hours modifying a template until my site looked perfect, so it’s a shame if I can’t get it work :confused: My site was working perfect and I just tried to install a Photo module, which gave me an error, and now just trying to go to my site gives me error: Fatal error: Call to a member function getClassPrefix() on a non-object in /home/technoto/public_html/esa/templates/base/scripts/BxBaseSearchResultSharedMedia.php on line 134

I am also looking at Joomla Community Builder, Wordpress Buddypress, Elgg, Jcow, Oxwall, Beatz, and Etano. Anyone have any experience as to which might easily allow members to register, and create a team with a profiles which other members can join? Thanks.

Bump :smiley: Any experience with social networks? I basically want gamers to be able to create clans with profile pages, and other gamers can join. So I would have groups of games with profile pages listing groups of clans with profile pages listing groups of players.