Very new here, having trouble getting everything set up



Hi. Just getting started here, using the JS Novice to Ninja book. I downloaded js.node to my computer (I"m using a Mac), and everything seemed to go as it should, but the next step tells me to use the console, which I can't seem to find . Help, I'm stuck!!!

Thanks, Tom



You need to open the terminal on your Mac, then type the command "node" (minus the quotes) to open the Node REPL. Inside of the REPL, you will be able to type arbitrary JavaScript commands to follow along with the book.

Which part of this are you having trouble with?

Here's a quick primer on the Mac terminal which might be useful:


Hi!! The issue wasn't my knowledge of computers, or even the Terminal, as I've used it before. The issue was my mis-reading the instructions!!! But I'm all set now, thank you very much!!!


Glad to hear that you got things working.

Let us know how you get on with the book and if you have any more questions.


Hi, and thanks!! Been a while since I've taken on a project like this, very excited to get started. Been more than a couple of years since I decided to learn some PHP, and now I got my first lesson in how case-sensitive Javascript is!! Going to be interesting!!! Thanks again, Tom.


Hi again!! Just curious as I work through some things. I have a couple of alert messages in a practice web site. But rather than just showing the text it also says "This page says:". Is that normal?

Thanks, Tom


Yes, that is normal.


Well O.K., thank you!!!!'


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