Learning CLI in Mac

I am learning how to use Gatsby by following these instructions: https://www.gatsbyjs.org/tutorial/part-zero/

But I’m getting stuck with some CLI terminology

Typically when you open Mac Terminal you see something like this:

computer name: ~ user name$ and a flashing curser that is waiting for input.

I am in the Gatsby instructions at: Set default Node.js version. In that section they show this example:

The typical input format has changed to a simple: > .

What does that mean and how do you get to it?


Hi Engine44,

I dont use either Mac or the Gatsby thing. (makes me think of a movie) :wink:

It seems like a two line prompt:
The first line starting withn a ~ is your current location,
the second line is the command input, starting with a > .

If I understand your first question correctly.
The second I’m not sure, launch the terminal? :slightly_smiling_face: