Vbulletin site penalised

Last week I installed vbulletin in my website.

This week I got penalised from google.I lost about 1000 visitors per day from google.

My webmaster tools says 25 v bulletin pages with duplicate meta description and page title from vbulletin forums.

Anyone experienced this?

Kindly confirm you have installed only vbulletin or any other pages apart from this. Only duplicate titles will not decrease the traffic. Find the root cause for the proplem

The only change i made is

  1. installed the forum
  2. linked the forum from all the pages in website.

My webmaster tools appears normal exept 22 vbulletin pages with duplicate titles and 25 vbulletin pages with duplicate meta description.

i dont think vb got anything to do it.
dup title isnt a good thing, but thats not the only factor for ranking.

my guess is its a temporal thing, your numbers would come back.

Did you use a 301 redirect for all your old pages? Also, what’s your site link? What software was it using before? Also, did you lose any of your incoming links from other sites?

Got my rankings back. Thankyou for all those tried to help.

Congratulations - what did you do to get your rankings back? Can you tell us?

submit your website for re consideration from webmaster tools,

I did not do anything. The ranking went away and came back automatically.