Duplicate meta title and description is harmful for seo?



Duplicate Meta title and description decrease your ranking in search engines ?


Consider the purpose of the title and meta description. They’re supposed to provide information about the page, which search engines can use in their results. (The title is also helpful to human visitors, of course.)

If you have several pages with the same titles and/or description, how do you expect a search engine - or anybody viewing search results - to distinguish between them and decide which is most relevant?


I think the likeley problem with duplicate tags is that only one of a group of pages with common tags will appear in SERPs.
So for example, if 10 pages had the same tags, 9 of them may be omitted from SERPs.


Google will not penalise your site for having duplicate meta tags or meta descriptions on your site. But it’s still bad SEO, and it’s still impact on website rankings.


Those two statements seem to contradict each other.

How does that work?


Yes, it is better to have no meta title and descriptions than to have wrong meta title and descriptions. It will impact search engine visibility and have negative effects on your website.