Google Webmaster Tools - Too Many Errors on My site - Plz Help

Too Many Errors are showing on Google webmaster tools - HTML Suggestions

short meta Descriptions - 1021
Duplicate meta descriptions - 653
Duplicate title tags - 1014

My site is in Joomla 1.5 and i Use Tag Manager component - almost all the errors are coming because of this component. i can’t remove this component, i need this to sort content on my site.

I set “tag” as a Parameter in URL parameters tab on 25th September till now none of the URL monitored.

This is how i done.

Parameter - tag
Effect on Content - Sort
What Google bot should do - No URL

Have i done it correctly or do i need to make any changes. Errors are increasing every day. also I am loosing Traffic. Last Month i was getting 19k visitors / day nw i am getting max 3k. Plz help is ther any other way to remove this errors.

Yeah, I have also working with Joomla websites. I got many errors like you. To fix crawl errors for Joomla website. You should use ROBOTS.TXT file. Restrict all your components and plugins through this file and also block unnecessary links. Which are restricted all are not crawled by Google Robots. Once you fixed this file, just submit it through webmaster tools. And 301 redirect also will helps you to fix crawl errors. But depends on the link you should use which format you need. I can also suggest you to find more information about this in Joomla Official Forum.

“Short meta descriptions” is not an error, it’s just Google drawing your attention to something you might want to change. In some cases, there really is nothing much to say in the description - e.g. “Full contact details for company”. That’s fine - don’t change it just to keep Google happy.

“Duplicate meta descriptions” is a problem, because each page should have it’s own. The description relates to the content of that page, not the whole site.

“Duplicate title tags” is also a problem, as each page should have a unique title.

The duplicate title tags and meta descriptions tag can be changed manually, representing the true nature of each page.

Of course, this is bound to take a lot of time, give the number of error pages. Make a beginning today itself…

Do not worry about the short meta descriptions.

Duplicate meta descriptions and duplicate title tags can be changed by using canonical links, if many sites have the same content and titles. You can easily do a 301 redirect so Google doesn’t penalize you for having the same content.

These are not errors but warnings…You might need to review these and try to remove duplication

You probably use various aliases to link to the articles. Lemme explain:

Say you have an article with alias test. When you create a menu item to that article with alias test2, it creates a new URL for the same article ( vs

When Google checks the site, it sees two URLs pointing to the same information, so the same content, same meta, everything.

I don’t know why there is nothing that warns you for this, so make sure you use the same alias when linking to an article to avoid duplication.