Hi Everyone,

If youve read my posts before you will be aware Im a beginner at all this!

Ive been working on a site for my girlfirends beauty salon. She wanted a nice simple site to put her business on the WWW

My index has been validated but my treatment page is showing tons of errors.

It appears that I have put invalid code in but the site appears how I want it to?

Any ideas?

Address is


Thanks for the advice. I’ll have a play around when I finish work tonight.

I had 116 errors I think!

You have three <p> tags that are opened but not closed, and that is giving a whopping 97 errors. Close those paragraphs and you should find they go away!

Mianly due to the Implicit </p> delete it see: <!-- Content –></p> you also have a few empty DIV and SPAN elements. But remove that implicit P and it will get far easier to workout the other errors.

Often a single coding error, such as an unclosed <p> tag, will generate a plethora of validation errors; one real error causes a cascade effect. When you get the “yikes, you have 3,459 errors!” warning, you usually don’t have nearly that many.

Ive sorted the 96 errors out as Stevie D said there was 3 missing </p>

I did this and found I had only 1 error which was the closing tag on the page wrapper.

I deleted this and then it went up to 20 errors. They are all regarding the images on the page.:

Line 94, Column 37: attributes construct error
<img src="images/cnd.png"alt=“Creative Nail Design”/>


Line 107, Column 39: attributes construct error
<img src="images/shellac.png"alt=“Shellac”/>

For the attributes construct error, I heard that adding img{border:0;} fixes it.

Otherwise, do you have a valid doctype, that can fix a lot of errors.

Also, do you have any vendor-specific css such as -moz or -webkit, because those do not validate.

You need to put a space before the alt attributes to separate them from the src value:

<img src="images/shellac.png" alt="Shellac"/>

It sounds like you could benefit from using a ‘HTML Lint’ in conjunction with the validator since the Lint might catch some more faults for you. Have you installed:

Thanks again for all the help!

I hope my questions dont sound stupid. Ive learnt a lot in a short period from people on this forum. Thanks again

Not at all stupid, and it’s always nice when people come back and say ‘thank you’.


Robert Wellock