UX First Steps

Let’s chat over your first impressions getting into the world of UX !

So… uh… you got any specifics in mind? What qualifies as “getting into the world of UX”?

What brought you to get into a UXer frame of mind or how you’re thinking into progressing into it ?

Hello, Welcome to this forum. I have training as a Webmaster/Developer. As I chose to be a freelancer, mon job turns into these main skills Webdesigner and Webmaster. As far as I am concerned, i began to love Webdesign quickly and today I don’t count my hours when I work for creating a attractive Web site. I use Wordpress and Divi to make specific layout for each of my customers but there are many other solutions. I find out beautiful websites to get inspired for creating my layout with a page builder. Moreover I add some infographics and I select beautiful pictures that fits to the context.
Today, I keep in mind that you have to take the time to choose the right web design ideas. It’s not a waste of time. If you have a clear idea, you save a lot of time and the results are often better.

I havent responded to this thread in a week, mostly because… I dont think i’m actually the OP’s target audience.

The question I was asked is

And the answer is… i’m not. I never have been, and I’m not trying to progress into it.
I’m a user; and i have experiences, but i’m not a “UXer”. It’s not what i do, or what i look for, or anything like that. I have opinions, but everyone has opinions.

To be honest, I dont even know what being a “UXer” means.