Roadmap to being a Web Designer/Developer

hey folks,
just wanted to know if someone wanna be or is a web developer. what skill he/she should know?

Thanks Alex for such a descriptive reply and informative. i am a web designer/developer. what comes on visusally like graphics attracts me a lot! i am a die hard fan of graphics. 2D or 3D. i suck at them but still i get my job gone on time.

That’s a pretty big ask as there’s SO many subjects important to the process…

You have the languages (like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Server-side scripting (like PHP, ASP, Ruby, Python or one of the other hundreds of languages not mentioned there like SVG, XML, mySQL - etc)), you have the theoretical or applied skills (like accessibility, usability, SEO, social networking, user-experience design, etc) and you have the related subjects (of importance) which play parts (like Writing, Graphic Design, Multimedia Creation, Business, Psychology, Sociology, Computer Science, Languages, Law, Marketing, etc). I’ve broken them down as such because it’s easier to differentiate them like that.

It depends entirely onto what KIND of designer or developer you want to be, what specialist subject you want to make your niche (or become an expert in) and what type of sites you want to build. Building website’s isn’t some straight forward “do this then this” style of education, there’s probably hundreds of job roles in the industry. There’s also the issue of whether to generalise and learn a little about a lot, or specialise and know a lot about a little. :slight_smile:

that i know but maybe a complete list of skills would help


It all starts from there.


as i wanna know n work the reporting tools. any idea for me to get started?