UX Design vs. Software QA career


I did a lot of research and found out that daily UX Designer work involves more visual stuff like drawing initial designs on paper, wire frames, mockups in Sketch, Photoshop etc.and it doesn’t involve any coding which I am not sure if I like. My hope was UX would involve at least writing some basic HTML, CSS and entry level JavaScript on a daily basis which turns out is not the case. At least this is how it is presented in some Linkedin educational videos about UX Design as a career path.

My research on Software QA shows it’s sometimes tedious and repetitive work, especially in manual testing but I might need to learn SQL or other language which is the part I like. I also found out that some people progress in their career and move from Software QA to Web Development or Programming.

Considering I want to stick with JavaScript, I would appreciate any thoughts on the above. Which path would be more beneficial for me?

Thank you

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There is very little demand for simple html and css websites. The web has really evolved beyond those types of sites into fully interactive, complex, application experiences running completely in the browser using JavaScript. Building those types of experiences is commonly referred to as front-end development or ux/ui dev. Positions for those types of responsibilities typically require not only JavaScript knowledge but proficiency with key front-end technologies like Angular, React, and/or Vue. What the position requires will be based on the technical stack that is in current use. Most job ads that see for front-end development either expect proficiency in one of those frameworks or specific one. I myself have been working with Angular for nearly half a decade and don’t really bother with those other technologies since there is plenty of Angular applications out there and need for that specific skill set. However, the same is true for React not so sure about Vue. I mostly see positions for React and Angular not Vue too often. JavaScript is great its where you begin but failure to embrace a mvvm framework is going to lead to tough times finding a salary or contracting position.

Also a lot applications these days are built with Typescript which is typed JavaScript. Angular requires Typescript and many React projects use it as well. So its good to learn since the skill can be used across many different front-end ecosystems.

The last one I think that is worth mentioning is reactive programming. More than a framework or library its a methodology for creating eloquent efficient asynchronous event driven applications in the browser.


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@windbeneathmywings thank you for your information about JS

Do you think its easier to get into web development after working as Software QA or UX Design?
Which field would benefit me more?

If you want to get into web development, why not just do that? Why do feel you need to go through UX design or QA first? Those are really completely different things. From web development, but also from each other.

I am trying to apply for funding through some provincial program which would be free for me if I get approved. The thing is in that program web development falls under the job code which has very low chances of getting approved and the closest fields I found are Software QA and UX/UI

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