Using wordpress to mywebsite

So I would like to use wordpress to update information and stuff on my website and I’m wondering if theres any good guide out there (or the best guide) to show how to get started to use wordpress for your website, and how you update information and stuff?


If you just mean general editing, it’s pretty intuitive. If you just set it up and start mucking around you’ll have the basics down in no time.

If you mean how to edit templates, etc., this book is a good place to start:

Basically, I have my own website already, but I want to be able to update information via wordpress. (I have my website set up on my domain name.) A book is nothing really for me atm, since I’m learning HTML and CSS. But thanks. :smiley:

:slight_smile: WordPress is amazing!

It’s quite easy, if you have the HTML & CSS template you can create your WP site quite easily. I learn by example and using theme files. I never really found books useful. There are a series of videos you can download for this. Check out NetTuts and they will help you.

Hope this helps.

Cool, I’ll check em out :smiley: