Wordpress Tutorials


I have a number of websites built in css/html/php that I want to add a cms to.
The websites would be similar in structure to these rather than a blog style.

I am looking at using Wordpress to allow site owners to update the content. Is it easy to do for such websites?

Are there any good tutorials on setting this up?


Wordpress is extremely popular and probably the easiest CMS to work with you’ll find out there. It’s open source and community supported. You can find tutorials, add-on’s, and much more at:

a few more sites/pages that may be of use:

Tutorial on how to create a basic theme from scratch…

how to switch front page of a default WP site from a posts list page to a static page…

You could just grab the default WordPress theme and work from that. I did it and it worked out relatively well (for a first time, too). :slight_smile:

I love wordpress, but unless your existing designs are similar to some existing wordpress templates you’ll probably have your work cut out for you to convert them over.

There are programs you can use to make an existing website more easily editable though. I’ve heard good things about “website baker” and you’ll find some other options worth checking out at http://www.htmlarea.com/directory/Web_Applications/Content_Management/index.html


As noted above, it’s a big job to convert a site to WP. If you just want clients to be able to access, change and add to existing content, you may be better off with a simpler solution. There are nice options like Perch and [URL=“http://www.cushycms.com/”]CushyCMS that allow sections of static pages to be editable. This is fantastically easy to implement, and saves you having to redo the entire site.


WordPress is a very popular blogging and web design platform used by many internet marketers to increase their online income potential. Many people from all over the world use WordPress to post interesting and readable blog posts that promote their businesses, products, and services and a large percentage of the population are readers of blogs of all kinds.

With such a large audience, the only way to be able to get a jumpstart on your career with WordPress is to know how to use it. This is the first step to succeeding as a WordPress blogger, but the big problem here is that there are no step-by-step tutorials that provide easy and simple instructions on blogging for profit with WordPress. You have the power to watch a WordPress video tutorial online but you won’t get much out of it since the makers of the video are too technical and too “geeky” with their terms and descriptions.