What's a good book for me to learn Wordpress with?


Could anyone suggest a good (paper) book for me to learn Wordpress with?

Initially I want to use WP to make a blog site, then, if it fits the bill, use it on clients’ websites.
I therefore need to know how to install it, operate it, expand its functionality (plugins) and customize its appearance.

I have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS, as well as a fair knowledge of PHP and JavaScript. I am quite technically minded and enjoy server-side programming.

I found that Sitepoint offers “The Wordpress Anthology” as well as “Build Your Own Wicked Wordpress Themes” and that ex-podcast member Brad Williams co-wrote “Professional WordPress”.
However, a quick Amazon search turns up so many other results (894) that it’s hard to know where to start.

Can anybody make me a recommendation?

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps something like this could be of use to you. I’ve read a small amount of it and liked what I saw, however I haven’t read the whole thing.

Both of the Rockable Wordpress books are excellent. The first one is very beginner. The second one had enough advanced material that I picked up a few new things (and I’ve been hacking Wordpress for years). This one is really good too: http://digwp.com/book/, though it’s more of a cookbook type deal, so I’d get the first Rockable book first.

Sitepoint also just released a Wordpress Anthology book a little while ago. I just got it last week and haven’t had time to read through it all, but a quick thumb through and it looks promising.

The Rockable book looks good and seems to offer most of what I want, so thanks for that, I’ll look at this one more closely.

I was also looking more closely at ‘Professional WordPress’ and wanted to ask if it is bad that it doesn’t explicitly cover WP 3.
One of the authors says that the book’s content is all still applicable to WP 3, but that new features in WP 3 (custom post types, for example) are not covered.
Are these new features a very big deal, or are they something which can be learned at a later date?
How important is it to get a book that expressly covers WP 3.0?

Thanks for the help.

Custom post types is a ridiculously huge and important topic. There are also a lot of other super important additions to WP 3 as well.

If you are creating custom sites for users that are more than just a typical blog, it’s vital you know all about those. Also a lot of stuff became deprecated between 2 and 3. I would stick with one of the newer books and ignore that one. Despite what the other may say, there is just no way for it to all be accurate still.

Thanks for the heads up. Following your advice I decided to give Professional WordPress a miss.

I ended up going with a book I found in the local store instead: WordPress 3- Das umfassende Handbuch

Thanks again.

No problem.

Not sure how good that book is (since I can’t read German), but it seems to have pretty decent ratings on Amazon. =p