Using Twitter for Business - retail store

Greetings! I work for a mid-sized outdoor retailer who is trying to make social media a larger part of their retail operation. I have been given access to my store’s Twitter account. The company is very new to social media, so there is no definite strategy and direction at this point - they see that companies use social media to benefit their brands, but aren’t exactly sure how to at this point.

I’m hoping to start a discussion here that will give me some ideas and direction in terms of how and what can be done to start utilizing Twitter to benefit our store and our brand. I would appreciate any articles, videos, case examples, or advice that the community would be willing to offer. Thanks for your time, I look forward to your responses.

Can you explain anything about the retailer in generic terms… For example the niche, the size [number of stores], the age and especially the differentiators?

Everyone wants to be “social” but that’s chasing the wrong goal. Instead let’s discuss how to get your business to use a social philosophy to meet the needs & expectations of your customers today as well as lay the groundwork for where to build new inroads for tomorrow…

I think another member also ask something like your question. I am sure you haven’t need and more answer after take a look at this thread

It’s been 10 days. It would be good if we could get some more information about your retail store so that the people here can share some strategies that may be able to help you out. I’m expecting some people replying with things like these:

You should get a lot of real people to follow your Twitter account

You have to be honest; this is a really hard thing to do, especially if you’re someone new in the business. It’s not impossible, but the possibilities of that happening aren’t really as high as you being able to get a tail in a coin toss.

You should interact with ALL the people who are mentioning you

I follow Twitter celebrities like WWE’s Zack Ryder, and I’m not really expecting him to reply to me, retweet any of my messages, or add any of my Tweets to his favorites because of the huge amount of followers that he has. Again, that isn’t impossible (double negative, lol), but the chances are not high. Imagine trying to get Emma Stone’s attention on Twitter and get her to reply to you.

You’re right, Gerald. If a member can’t follow his own thread and come back to respond within a week and a half, there really is no need to keep the thread open.

Thread closed.