Using Photos from other websites

Hi Guys,

I am new to web design and blogging and was wondering where I can get my photos from?

If I use a photo off another website do I just credit the website or the photographer, as I see a lot of images are from “Getty Images” Can I use these images and put the source as Getty Images or have the company already paid for the loyalty for thee images?

Thanks in advance

Getty Images is a paid site. You have to pay to use the images.

Here is a random one I clicked on.

I’ve never used them, but Getty Images seems to be one of the highest priced stock photo websites I’ve ever seen.

Most photos you find will have their own terms and conditions around them. Each one may be different. Some sites like iconmonstr have fully unlimited corporate licenses, which is the best.

There are a number of threads in the forum discussing possible sources of images. You could try these, for a start.

You can also do an image search on Google, and under “search tools” use the “Usage rights” dropdown to look for appropriate images. I’ve found that to be a good guide, but I would always check with the relevant site first before using images.

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Ok thanks for the advice guys.

I am looking for images that are up to date as my blog wi be on current golf issues so would like photos that have been in the news.

I suppose typing in google images and looking for the rights is the best way but I will check out the icon monster website.

Thanks for you help

You’re not going to have the rights to use those images. If you’re going to get in trouble using images you don’t have license to use, it’s going to be the ones that are featured on popular news websites. These sites usually pay big money for these photographs and don’t want people stealing them.

That site is irrelevant to your question. I was just using it’s Terms of Use as an example of what you should look for. It’s just icons, not photographs.

Ok thats great then thanks for the heads up.

Understand now about the icon monster reference


Personally, I like shutterstock because they are selling photos on behalf of the photographers…which makes it feel like I’m helping out an individual & not just a larger company. That’s all just a matter of opinion, though, and I’m sure there are others with plenty to say on the subject! Some of the companies are royalty free & some are rights managed…so just check into that before you purchase.

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You can search Flickr for images with a Creative Commons License. Make sure you credit the author and link to their profile. Make sure you check if the CC license of the image allows commercial use if that’s what you want to do. You can select the appropriate filter in the Flickr search bar.

ok, this idea may be way out there, but perhaps you could take a few golf photos yourself. Then maybe you’d have something really unique?


Getty doesn’t just offer stock photos but also recent newsworthy images, but there are also numerous other options for such photos - AP/PA/Reuters/Demotix/etc

You definitely cannot just do a Google Image search, use that photo on your site and add attribution to the site you found it on - it’s unethical copyright infringement, but more than that if the image is licensed by Getty or another agency then they may present you with a bill for thousands of dollars (I’ve seen bills for $5k for the misuse of one photo).

You can find images licensed with creative commons that you can use on your site for free using Flickr and other services with the CC Search tool - but for images of current events you’ll need to either take the photos yourself or most likely pay to use them from a photo agency like those listed above.

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This post on Medium lists some great options for stock photos. We also published an article last week with advice on finding free images, though not all images will be OK to use for commercial projects (including blogs with advertising)

If you use photos from Getty Images, you need to pay for them or you may receive a legal notice from them charging you for 100X what the photo may have originally cost from their site. They track their photos across the web and take legal action.

Just taking a photo from another site is stealing. You can Google “Royalty free images” to find photo databases where you can pay for photos.

Some royalty free photo places include:
photo dune

That’s what I thought, I wouldn’t use images without checking first now, thanks for the list of image websites

Yes, use this list, also flicker is the most useful platform if you are looking for images.

Making your own images is always a bigger preference. Originality…

Hi Ontragett:

Please be mindful that most imagery (99.9% in fact) is copyrighted and using something off a site without prior consent might set you up for a copyright violation lawsuit. It happens alot. Always ask or inquire about a certain image in advance of using it, this way you can assure yourself of no violation of copyright laws. To learn a bit more, type in “digital millennium copyright act” and read up a little on copyright laws.If you see a © on or next to an image, you can be assured that the image is copyrighted. I maintain my own online image licensing and offer single panel cartoons for licensing on Facebook pages, web pages and power point and have alot of my images with similar ©symbols. Keep up your good work and asking the question you asked makes so much sense…good thinking in advance!

For photo uploading for your blog, you can search in Google & you will get the same type of image according to your search. After downloading these images you should change those image information like image properties & after that you can edit it within help of photoshop, then you can use it for your blog posting. I hope you can understand my point of view. :blush:

No, no, no, no, NO!

Unless the person who created the image has licensed the image out to be used by you (whether by GPL or by direct licensing), changing the image properties or opening it and saving it in Photoshop doesn’t automatically give you the right to use it. There are parody rights and fair use rights, but any commercial use without proper licensing or permission is illegal in almost any country…

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@seoadamwatson1 - as we’ve said before, you need to check with the site from which you download an image whether or not that image may be reused on your site. You also need to check whether you are allowed to modify the image. Some images may be available to reuse, but not to modify.

You seem to be suggesting that it’s OK to use any image provided you modify it first, but that is definitely not correct.

Some more royalty free image sites;

Free custom search engine for non stock images
Little Visuals

But, finding specific photos (ie. of golfing) may be a little harder as some of these are ‘packs’ of images, and some sites are hard to search on for these specifics. Have a look around though.

You can also search on flickr for specific photography rights - heres a list of what these rights mean here

RE: Getty Images - Very expensive! I always was baffled at the ‘You can only use this for three months’ bit when even selecting for use on the web, what if you wanted it on a blog? would you have to remove it and have no content for anything over that time? Seemed backwards to me, especially when you got a pretty small image size for that (I found they were around £40-£80 ish!)